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Coffee Machine Pressure Testing - PSSR

If your Coffee Machine is 14 months old from the date of new supply then you will need a PSSR Coffee Machine Test.

This is because you have a statutory obligation by Law to meet the stringent legal requirement of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000.

Many Local Authorities, Business Insurance Companies and Business Premises owners are requiring Pressure Testing per the Regulations.

Commercial Coffee Machine owners should not wait to be told; you will be liable should the worst happen.

We offer a fixed price for the Pressure Test plus a discounted Front End Service if carried out together.

We are members of the CoffeSafe scheme which is in place to maintain standards within the industry:

CoffeeSafe Website


Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR)

The PSS Regulations have been devised by the Health and Safety Executive as a means of reducing the risk of serious injury or death resulting from the unsafe use of pressurised vessels. This includes pressurised Boilers in Coffee Machines

According to The Beverage Standards Association, “there needs to be greater clarity on Boiler Pressure Testing”. They seek to challenge the HSE saying that “the PSSR 2000 is unwieldy at best, or even completely inappropriate for the coffee machine industry and seeks to open debate on the subject between the HSE and BSA”. This all started some years ago when the pressure safety components in an Espresso machine in a well known Supermarket Cafe failed and caused the boiler to explode, injuring a number of people. There has only been one such event amongst an estimated 100,000 Espresso Machines in the UK over 3 years old according to the BSA. However, the HSE’s PSS Regulations are in place and are a point of Law and should be considered by Business owners operating any coffee machine with a pressurised boiler.

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